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My name is Kendice Francisco, well known by the name Kcreations Mua. As a young child I was always inspired by the world of art. How shapes configure into amazing creations and how lines com together to make something beautiful. As I grew older I started to experiment with makeup using my face as my new canvas. I was 100% inspired by my mother who got dressed daily for her work. Everyday I would watch her in awe determined to enhance my features as she did every morning. She showed me the basic eyeshadow form, and from there I took that information and ran with it! sooner than later I even surpassed her abilities. She was extremely proud of her daughter. I then went on to becoming a well known makeup artist in my community, providing everyone with a service that they fell in love with. I was blessed with a power that surpasses anything I've felt before. The power of allowing another individual to feel happy from the inside and out. 

As the year of 2020 has been hard on everyone, it has definitely inspired me. I was driven to start my own business. What better than to sell lashes and lipgloss? I've searched day and night looking for the right vendor and the right ingredients for my products. I was determined to make my lashes cruelty free and my lipglosses to be glossy and hydrating to our skin. My hard work definitely shows through my products. I'm so happy that you've chosen my products to try. I will keep advancing as my work here is never done.

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